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Links of Interest

Articles and Information

Genki Foods Usage and CleanseGenki Foods Cleanse Guide (PDF opens in new window or right click and "Save as") Foods Pyramid from the University of Michigan
www.goodnewsnetwork.orgThere are many ways that positive news can improve our lives by bringing emotional well-being, health and even prosperity.
www.positivepress.comThe Positive Press was founded to highlight positive stories found in the mainstream media
www.drbass.comDr. Stanley Bass' website on Superior Nutrition & Superior Health
www.mercola.comNatural Health Information and Newsletter published by Dr. Mercola
www.newstarget.comIndependent, honest news and commentary on health and medicine
www.hdfoster.comWhat Really Causes AIDS by Dr. Harold Foster
www.healingcancernaturally.comAn Extensive Resource for Options in Cancer Treatment

Raw Food Retreats / Educational Experiences

www.healthretreat.caFresh Start Health Retreat: Oyster Bay, BC, Canada
Angel's Health Institute: Central Point, OR
creativehealthinstitute.comCreative Health Institute: Union City, Michigan, USA Health Institute: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA Foods Institute: Atlanta, Georgia, USA Health Institute: Puerto Rico Ann Wigmore Foundation: San Fidel, New Mexico, USA Health Institute, San Diego, California, USA of Life Rejuvenation Center: Patagonia, Arizona, USA


www.hans.orgHealth Action Network Society is an organization of consumers working together to offer credible information on the choices in health care and the environment.

Healing Modalities / Programs

www.emofree.comEMO - Emotional Freedom Technique - Where emotional relief brings physical health
www.germannewmedicine.caIllness is a program that the brain can switch on under circumstances of extreme stress or a very significant conflict. With the right approach, the brain will switch off this program.

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