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Genki Foods are ALIVE!

Raw ~ Whole ~ Live

Our proprietary Lacto-Fermentation process breaks down whole foods to the very essence of their construction.

Friendly microbes take the puzzle apart so that no digestion is required. This is known as 'pre-digesting' foods.

Our bodies absorb this nutrition at a cellular level.


Genki Foods contain NO additives, fillers, or preservatives because they are CULTURED, Living, Concentrated, WHOLE Food Nutrition, created by and in harmony with Mother Nature, the way she intended.

No more guesswork as to whether you're getting the co-factors necessary for optimal health.


BROAD SPECTRUM Friendly Bacteria

All of the nutrients coming from whole foods would by nature contain:
Major anti-oxidants and tissue alkalizers, Friendly Microbes +LAB, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals, & Essential Acids

Friendly Microbes (+LAB)
Sourced from the food in which the product is made, and the true form in which we should get our bacteria --- (not from feces or 'human compatible' strains).

Friendly, living bacteria repopulate the lining of your GI Tract and help to cleanse away toxic build-up.

Life comes from life! Enzymes are alive!
Cooking our food kills life-giving enzymes and increases our potential for ill health.

"Enzyme-deficient bodies are prime targets for cancer, obesity,
heart disease, or other degenerative problems."
     -- Dr. Edward Howell (Enzyme Nutrition)

Years of study and billions of dollars have been spent on trying to find out why we humans have been getting sick since we started cooking our food.

About Genki Foods:

  • Cultured and Raw Ingredients
  • Very low heat process to maintain live microbes and enzymes
  • Grains and Legumes are predigested by and contain an active proprietary food sourced lactic acid bacteria culture
  • Need no digestion (99.9% Bio-Available)
  • Made from high quality, organic, whole foods
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms

Our products are not chemically produced, synthetic pills!

Authentic and Pure, LIVE, Whole Food Nutrition, unwound by
Mother Nature, in harmony with the movement of life!

These foods support and enhance your health without side effects because they are highly concentrated, pre-digested, super foods with therapeutic effects on the body.
(Mild cleansing symptoms may occur in the first 1-2 weeks of consumption)

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